ⓒ 2022. KOOSOO

2015 M.F.A. in intermedia art, Kookmin Univ., Seoul, KR 

2008 B.F.A. in Painting, Kookmin Univ., Seoul, KR
2018 MAGIC WHITE MAGIC: Just What Is That Makes Today’s White Rooms So Different, So Appealing?, THISWEEKENDROOM, Seoul, KR
2017 The Moment's Already Passing, basis projektraum, Frankfurt, DE
2016 The Collector's Secret Storages, 6 spaces in Eulji-ro District, Seoul, KR
2014 be normal, gallery Bonun, Seoul, KR
2022  Crevices Between The Gazes, Onsu-gonggan (directed by Lee Minah), Seoul, KR
2021  VIDEO BITES, (directed by) Tipping Point Space, Seoul, KR
          Public Art New Hero, Dacheongho Art Museum, Cheongju, KR
         Collection_Opening Hacking Mining, SeMA, Seoul, KR
2020 Call It Courage, Danwon Art Museum, Ansan, KR
2019 Gyeonggi Visual Arts Achivement Exhibition: Breath of Fresh Air Scattered Thoughts, Combined Experiences, Danwon Art Museum, Ansan, KR
          Capenter's Scene, Insa Art Space, Seoul, KR
          If I Were Not Your First, SeMA storage, Seoul, KR
         Great reign cometh after chaos, Nanji Residency gallery, Seoul, KR
         MMCA festival: Square.Forest, MMCA, Gwacheon, KR
         ZER01NE DAY: Borderless in Everything, Hyundai motors Wonhyo-ro Service Center, Seoul, KR
2018 World Script Symposia 2018: The Golden Chain, Okin-dong 34-1, Seoul, KR
         Tools for Fiction: Active Archive for Artist's Publishing, Insa art space, Seoul, KR
2017 A Statement of Continuous Journey, Gangjeong Daegu Contemporary Festival, Daegu, KR
         Participatory Turn, Community Space LITMUS, Ansan, KR
2016 SeMA biennale Media City Seoul 2016 Neriri Kiruru Harara, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul KR
         N artist 2016 New Bearer, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon, KR
2015 Project 2015 ArtiST project, Daejeoun Museum of Art, Deajeon, KR
         Regula Customer, Community Space LITMUS, Ansan, KR
2014 Tomorrow of Creation, Seoul citizen hall, Seoul, KR
         The Great Artists, POSCO museum, Seoul, KR
         Like this 96hours, Daehyun 40-40, Seoul, KR
         Superb soar, Shin museum, Chungju, KR
2021 WFS -lobby-, Osisun, Amado Art Space (Office), Soohyun Koo, Seoul, KR
2017 Euljiro Vocational Training Competition, Sewoon-Daerim Sangga, Seoul, KR
2016 Euljiro Fitness Center, Sewoon-Cheonggye Sangga, Seoul. KR
         LITMUS LAB., Community Space LITMUS, Ansan, KR
         Another People, Another Street, Ansan Street Art Festival, Ansan, KR
2015 Cheonggye Autumn Athletics Competition, Sewoon-Daerim Sangga, Seoul, KR
2021 Art ChangeUP(Online Media Art Creation Support Projects), ARKO, KR 
2020 Art Creation Support Projects, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, KR
2019 Gyeonggi Art Creation Support Projects, Gyeonggi Cultural Center, KR
2018 Public art NEW HERO grant prize, Public Art, KR
        Art Creation Support Projects, Seoul Foundation for Arts Culture, KR
2016 SeMA Emerging artist & curators Supporting Program, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
2020 Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul Foundation for Arts CultureSeoul, KR
2019 SeMA Nanji residency, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
2018 ACC arts space network residency, Asia Cultural Center ASIAPLEX studio, Gwangju, KR
2017 MMCA Goyang Residency 13th, MMCA, KR
         Basis Frankfurt, international residency exchange program of MMCA Residency Goyang, Frankfurt, DE
2014 Cité Internationale des Arts Paris (July-August), Paris, FR
         Gyeongnam art creative center 4-5th, KR
2019 NANJI Open Studio Talk Program (with Kwon Hyukgue), SeMA Nanji residency, Seoul, KR 
2017 DAL 330 Residency Seminar 24(with Ji Yoon Yang) , MMCA, Seoul, KR
         Square Seminar: Forum for 'Artistic Practice of Participation and Intervention' (Exhibition 'The Art of Dissonance' Public program), Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR

Seoul Museum of Art